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Sea Wall

Prerecorded performance streaming Jan. 8 – 17, 2021

Written by Simon Stevens
Directed by Harriet Owen-Nixon
Performed by Michael Winder

Alex loves his wife, his daughter, his city, his job. But sometimes the force of life can crash against you. Sea Wall is a delicate monologue, completely devastating and beautifully powerful. Alex’s story begins full of clear light and smiles, as he speaks about his wife, visiting her father in the South of France, having a daughter, photography, and the bottom of the sea. But his contentment falls away into deep and heart-breaking grief, crumbling to pieces with a vividness that is incredibly moving. Sea Wall was first performed in 2008 at the Bush Theatre in London.

3 Plays by Don Nigro

Prerecorded performances streaming Feb. 19 – 28, 2021

“Palimpsest” Director: Patricia Wylie; Performer: Tom Hewitt. Ben, a writer in his sixties, tries to come to terms with his life, the women he has lost, and the nature of love.
“Girl With Crows” Director: Jeff Sanders; Performer: Christa Fenton. An unloved girl has an unexpected encounter on a railroad track one fateful night.
“Miss Havisham’s Wedding Cake” Director: Ed Schoaps; Performer: Pamela Abernethy. Miss Havisham from Dickens’ Great Expectations examines the consequences of her life choices. A meditation on the nature of love and the satisfactions of revenge.

Woman Caught Unaware

Prerecorded performance streaming Apr. 2 – 11, 2021

Written by Annie Fox
Directed by Patricia Wylie
Performed by Robynn Hayek

A university professor is caught in a storm when an image of her in a changing room is shared online. Exploring how images of women are represented in art and social media, Woman Caught Unaware is a searing examination of the culture of body-shaming.

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