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4 Short Plays from Rogues’ Gallery

Prerecorded performances streaming on May 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 & 23 at 7pm PST

Written by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Seth Allen

“Artificial Leg” Performer: David Ballantyne. A homeowner struggles to dispose of a prosthetic limb he discovered in the basement of his new townhome.
“The Acupuncturist” Performer: Gregory Jolivette. A patient switches acupuncturists after their practitioner starts to believe he has magical powers.
“Ditto” Performer: Kelli Jaecks. A journalist dives headfirst into a blissful romance, leaving her fiancé behind. But when a friend reaches out with an unsettling discovery, she uncovers the strange truth about her new relationship.
“The Clerical Line” Performer: Seth Rue. A wealthy bachelor collaborates with Burberry to create a wardrobe of priests clothing – a uniform he deems most reflective of his soul and status.


A powerful, black box theatre experience in the heart of Downtown Salem

The mission of the Verona Studio is to offer a performing arts experience that is bold and challenging to our audiences, that presents the best in the contemporary and classical repertoire, that will showcase local talent, and that will provide an opportunity to explore the diversity of human experience; to offer educational opportunities to individuals who wish to explore the performing arts and to develop their skills in all areas of performance and production; and to foster performing arts endeavors in the Salem community.

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