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3 Plays by Don Nigro

Prerecorded performance streaming on February 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, & 28 at 7pm PST

“Palimpsest” Director: Patricia Wyllie; Performer: Tom Hewitt. In this powerful monologue, Ben, a writer in his sixties, tries to come to terms with his life, the women he has lost, and the nature of love.

“Girl With Crows” Director: Jeff Sanders; Performer: Christa Fenton. An unloved girl has an unexpected encounter on a railroad track one fateful night.

“Miss Havisham’s Wedding Cake” Director: Ed Schoaps; Performer: Pamela Abernethy. Miss Havisham, the character from Dickens’ Great Expectations, examines the consequences of her life choices. A sad and funny meditation on the nature of love and the satisfactions of revenge.


A powerful, black box theatre experience in the heart of Downtown Salem

The mission of the Verona Studio is to offer a performing arts experience that is bold and challenging to our audiences, that presents the best in the contemporary and classical repertoire, that will showcase local talent, and that will provide an opportunity to explore the diversity of human experience; to offer educational opportunities to individuals who wish to explore the performing arts and to develop their skills in all areas of performance and production; and to foster performing arts endeavors in the Salem community.

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